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Client Comments

We are delighted when our clients take the time to express their pleasure in our work. Here are just a few of the comments we've received from our satisfied clients.

“During my tenure as the Senior Claims Representative for the Virginia Transit Liability Pool for the past ten years, I have seen our organization grow both in size and in the number of claims that we handle on a regular basis. It was about five years ago that I began to notice that I could no longer take the time to review the medical records, as it became very time-consuming.

“For this reason, we considered using an outside vendor. which would not only allow more time for me to investigate the ever-increasing number of claims, but also to seek a professional opinion on medical issues that would arise, especially on those claims that involved multiple or complex injuries and medical treatment.

“Frankly, we used a well known firm in the area that specialized in worker’s compensation claims. However, I found that the results failed to meet our expectation, while the service bills that accompanied the medical reviews were a bit overwhelming. We tried an individual shortly thereafter, but we were not satisfied with the results either.

“Then, one day my claims assistant gave me the name of Angie Duke-Haynes of Premier Medical Legal Consultants. After a few medical reviews with the results on my desk, I continue to use the services of Premier to this date.

“Without any hesitation, I would highly recommend the services of Ms. Duke-Haynes to anyone in the legal profession or insurance industry. She continues to render her services with our organization, and I am grateful to my claims assistant for the connection we made with the PMLC over five years ago.”

John Paul Lasser
Senior Claims Representative

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