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Do you need a nurse consultant to help you?Angie Duke-Haynes is a registered nurse who has worked in many areas of health care.  She consults with nursing homes, home health care agencies and durable medical equipment companies to provide a thorough assessment of the organization, examining every aspect of care.  Upon completion of the initial assessment, a plan of correction is developed, much like a nursing care plan, which will outline areas needing improvement along with goals, interventions and anticipated completion dates.  Each task is then assigned to the appropriate employee.  Together, everyone works to bring your organization to its’ highest level of service.

Do you need a nurse consultant to help you?

  • Are you stressed over an upcoming survey?
  • Are you expecting an unannounced Joint Commission Survey in the next two years?
  • Do you need help completing your Periodic Performance Review?
  • Does your policy and procedure manual need updating?
  • Do you have employees who still require the mandatory employee education?
  • Are you concerned about a potential lawsuit from a client?
  • Could your performance improvement program use some improvement?
  • Has it been a while since a complete internal audit was performed?
  • Could patient documentation be improved? 

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions,
Premier HealthCare Consulting can help you!

Professional Services

  • Identification of area needing improvement
  • Formulation of a plan of correction
  • Creation and direction of an effective performance improvement program
  • Staff education in all required areas such as OSHA requirements and HIPAA
  • Periodic Performance Reviews
  • Preparation for upcoming accreditation surveys
  • Policy and Procedure review and updates
  • Routine audits
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