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Professional Services

  • Medical RecordScreen cases for medical issues, facts, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Organize, review, interpret, analyze and summarize the medical record in a format that will help you understand the issues in your case
  • Identify missing medical records and possible tampering of the medical record
  • Identify deviations from the Standards of Care
  • Prepare a medical chronology of events
  • Perform initial screening reviews
  • Review and analyze medical billing and coding
  • Identify documents important to case preparation
  • Assess medically related damages
  • Determine whether the allegations match the documentation within the medical record
  • Perform medical research as it relates to your case
  • Identify and locate appropriate expert witnesses that will support your case
  • Assist in the development of medically related deposition questions
  • Attend Independent Medical Examinations
  • Assist in developing a strong strategy with medical knowledge of the issues at hand
  • Aid in preparing demonstrative evidence and exhibits  

What is a legal nurse consultant?

Legal nurse consultants (LNCs) are registered nurses who use their medical and nursing expertise to help attorneys demystify the medical issues in their cases.  Any case with medical issues potentially creates a number of questions.  The legal nurse consultant provides a window into the practices of the health care industry.  LNCs interpret and clarify the multitude of information in the medical record. Legal Nurse Consultants are a key member of the litigation team.

Allow Premier Medical Legal Consulting to help you better understand the medical issues in your cases!   Contact us today.

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